Once a great empire of Man covered the continent, now those days of ancient glories are far gone. The empire of Angoria, from which the continent takes it’s name, met it’s end in death and fire. A huge civil war raged across the continent and split the empire into three separate states. To the north was the magocracy of Kemshal ruled by an ancient order of wizards. To the east was the land of Avenor, at first ruled by the successor to the angorian throne then by lines of kings. To the west was the empire of Otaria ruled by the general Otarius and his heirs, and later other imperial dynasties.

These three realms were often at war with each other but none of the later wars rivalled the Great War which brought the end of Angoria and the deaths of millions. Alas this was not to last. In 653 CR the lands of Kemshal were overrun after decades of repeated attacks from hordes of orcs, goblins, monsters and even more fell creatures led by the dragon Khordash. Nowadays it’s a haunted realm inhabited only by monstrous creatures and the few survivors of old Kemshal. They now live a harsh life in the cold north, constantly fighting against the fell creatures that now rule the lands of their forefathers.

After Kemshal had perished many monsters came southwards disrupting the realms of both Otaria and Avenor. In the next few centuries relative peace existed between Otaria and Avenor, and in Avenor internal strife and tensions began to grow. Several civil wars erupted and when king Conorin IV died without heirs in 895 CR the whole realm was thrown into a huge civil war which resulted in the fall Avenor. Monsters had overrun the wild and city states and petty kingdoms dotted the encroaching darkness.

In Otaria things were a little better. The army was in the control of the emperor and any attempts of rebellion were swiftly crushed. However, Otaria’s glory was fading. When Avenor fell many monsters and other creatures surged forward from Kemshal and bought a heavy toll on the empire. Today the roads aren’t as safe as they used to be and the cities are crumbling. The army still belongs to the emperor but a bloody war is waged with silver tongues and pacts behind the curtains. Otaria still stands strong but its strength is diminishing every year.


Angoria Deliverance